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John Frey
Director of Engineering

Mr. Frey has over 45 years experience in the field of engineering of telecommunications and related fields of endeavor including landlines, fiber optics, satellite terminals, TT&C station implementation, microwave, VHF and UHF radio systems, tropospheric and ionospheric scatter systems, mission planning, map and photo digitization, digital elevation data extraction and processing. He has extensive international experience as reflected below:

  • His earth station experience includes the performance and supervision of preparation of specifications, system design, installation drawings, test plans and procedures, training documents, analysis, license and participation applications, installation, alignment, checkout, acceptance testing and alignments.  This includes being responsible for the NASCOM System to provide the American Satellite Company with a system of 14 earth terminals at NASA sites throughout the U.S. within budget and on schedule.  He provided engineering and guidance for various contracts in Angola, Libya, Sudan, Greece, Lebanon, Iran, Germany, and Belgium including the design and construction of the Standard Intelsat A stations for Iran, Lebanon, and the Sudan.
  • He was responsible for the engineering aspects of the Peace Hawk V Project, providing power generation, distribution, and communications (telephone, switchboards, teletype, mobile, point-to-point, and ground-to-air radio, audio-visual, and scoring systems) for facilities of the Royal Saudi Air Force.
  • He was responsible for engineering the Integrated National Telecommunication System (550 sites in Iran). This project included completion of drawings and bills of materials for 160 stations, as well as engineering liaison with the four partners in the Consortium (GTEI, Nippon Electric, Page Communications Engineers and Siemens.) and the customer, the Iranian Ministry of PTT.  He directed engineering input for 340 Change Proposals and their inclusion into the system. He also prepared proposals for a tropospheric scatter system for Imperial Iranian Ground Forces ($100 million).           
  • He coordinated engineering activities leading to the successful completion of one of the most advanced communications systems for U.S. forces in Vietnam.  This system  consisted of microwave and tropospheric scatter radio links, providing the U.S. Army with fixed site communications in a tactical environment. Contract value exceeded $170 million and included design and engineering of two training schools, at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.
  • He coordinated efforts leading to establishing and operation of technical control center for the Army Command serving Okinawa and the Far East and was responsible for field engineering of a tropospheric scatter communications system for the U.S. Air Force in Turkey.

  • B.A. Mathematics, St. Vincent College.
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh.

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